Roof Cleaning

Why does your roof turn black and funky?
Black staining is caused by the growth of algae and fungus spores that land on your roof, These spores need three things to grow: heat, moisture and some kind of nutrient, all of which we have plenty of in Florida..

What to do when your roof begins to stain?

The answer is clean it immediately! Here's why: As the algae and fungus grow on your roof, they eat away the base of the shingle and expand and contract with the outside temperature. This growth and movement loosens the granules, creating premature granule loss, dramatically shortening the life of your roof. Homeowner associations are becoming more abundant, primarily to maintain and enhance value of the individual homes and neighborhoods. You are not alone in the appearance of your home, therefore, at the first sign of algae/fungus staining, it makes good sense to clean your roof.

Do-It-Yourself or hire A professional?

You can hire a Jon's Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Inc. as we offer several roof-cleaning services designed to meet your needs and budget. You can clean your roof yourself and save labor costs but you need to think twice about that decision. Is it worth the risk of falling or damaging the roof to save a few dollars? You can purchase commercial grade roof cleaners or use bleach or pool chlorine, but these methods can leave you with a streaked roof, dead shrubbery and grass.

We also offer:

• Roof inspection of broken and loose tiles, before or after storm
or hurricane.
• Complete Chemical Cleaning.
• High pressure & Low pressure Cleaning.
• We deal with most property management companies.



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